Donald Manuel “Donalddrums Manuel is a musician, producer and artistic director from San Andres Islands Colombia, who has been based in Germany since 2014. Since birth, music has always been present in his life, as his father Tomas Manuel James is one of the first and best drummers of that little piece of Colombian land. At the age of 11 he began his musical career as a member of the Youth Band of San Andres Island, with which he won first place in the most important band competitions in Colombia. At the age of 17 he developed himself as an assistant conductor having his first experience as a musical director. Then he began his studies for 5 years at the School of Music of the well known “Universidad del Valle” in Cali Colombia. Since then he has been participating in major concerts throughout Colombia and other countries such as Venezuela, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Germany, Switzerland, Greece, Italy, Austria and the United States. His experience as a musician is not only in popular, ethnic or commercial music, but also in classical and chamber music. This great artist not only works making music, but also conducts choirs and has a lot of experience as a teacher teaching percussion, rhythm guitar, bass and keyboards. Past performances include – Internationales Musik Fest in Hamburg, Dokumenta 14 and a performance in front of two thousand people with his Banda Minga 3 at the “Theatron” Munich. For 2022 he plans the release of the new album of his band “Minga 3 “and during the whole year will be touring with a renowned theater company from Munich, Germany.