Born in London, Michael was raised around on an eclectic mix of sounds, ranging from Pop R&B mainstays such as Tina Turner and Justin Timberlake, to country legends such as Dolly Parton – thanks to his parents’ listening choice. This inspired his personal journey with music which began in church at the age of 11 years old, writing and performing a gospel song for his congregation, this moment lit a spark that would lead to Michael honing his singing and writing ability, as well as harnessing knowledge of harmonies through learning to play rhythm on the guitar. By the age of 18, Michael knew that music was something he could do professionally, and began laying the groundwork, releasing music on streaming platforms and slowly building a listener base, gaining hundreds of thousands of plays on Spotify, Apple Music, and “Soundcloud” combined and being played on BBC Radio Kent numerous times. He performed in buzzing venues in the London Underground Scene, becoming accustomed to the stage and creating a unique performance style.