Ozzy Chetin aka MYSTICISM, RAMIZES, WIRED and FREETECH is a multi-talented DJ and producer. Hailing from Turkey, Ozzy is now London-based. Over the past 10 years, he has been promoting events in the UK and Turkey, and is the founder of Crystal Kids events in Manchester and Istanbul. His personal SoundCloud happens to be one of the most unique psychedelic trance profiles of the world with over 200 DJ sets, all with different tracklists, podcasting nearly all styles of psy-trance. Do not let the word of ‘psychedelic’ scare you though, as a full-time performer, Ozzy is a crowd pleaser who can easily adapt his mixes into any of your expected style of dance music.

Ozzy does all Genres of music including Pop classics, RnB, Motown and soul.